Collection: Elevate Your Performance with Dynamic Flex Cotton Blend!

Transform your yoga practice with our vibrant printed rubber yoga mat. Crafted for style and functionality, it features an anti-slip rubber bottom for stability, ensuring optimal balance in every pose. Experience superior comfort with impact-absorbing qualities. The microfiber suede top adds luxury, while the natural rubber bottom offers a reliable base. Enjoy crisp, captivating designs with edge-to-edge printing. Crafted from high-quality polyester and rubber, this lightweight mat measures 24" x 68" (61cm x 173cm) with a slim 0.12" (3mm) thickness, redefining your yoga experience with comfort, style, and performance. Materials: Polyester, Rubber. Dimensions: 24" x 68" (61cm x 173cm). Features: Microfiber suede top, Natural rubber bottom, Edge-to-edge print, Lightweight, 0.12" (3mm) thick.

Dive Into Flex Cotton Yoga Mats For Elevated Performance!