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Fun Times Bloominwith Wham-o Floral Frisbee!

Fun Times Bloominwith Wham-o Floral Frisbee!

Brand : DipaliZ

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The Bloominbrilliant Wham-o Floral Frisbee For Ultimate Outdoor

Unleash Outdoor Fun with Wham-O Floral Frisbee Dipaliz - Get ready for the ultimate outdoor adventure with the Wham-O Floral Frisbee! Made from durable 100% plastic, this iconic frisbee ensures top-notch performance in any weather conditions. Whether you're playing a game of Ultimate Frisbee or simply having a blast outdoors, the Wham-O Floral Frisbee is an absolute essential. Available in a vibrant array of colors including black, white, green, blue, or red, the Wham-O Floral Frisbee boasts a perfect 10.875 (27.6 cm) diameter, ensuring a smooth and stable flight every time.


Crafted from durable 100% plastic, the Wham-O Floral Frisbee is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor play. Its iconic design and perfect 10.875 (27.6 cm) diameter deliver exceptional performance, whether you're engaging in a competitive game of Ultimate Frisbee or just enjoying a leisurely toss in the park. The Wham-O Floral Frisbee's vibrant floral pattern adds a touch of style to your outdoor adventures, making it a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. Unleash your inner athlete and embrace the ultimate outdoor fun with the Wham-O Floral Frisbee Dipaliz!

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