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Prevent Water Stains With Cozy Blue Roses Coasters

Prevent Water Stains With Cozy Blue Roses Coasters

Brand : DipaliZ

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Material : Cork back

Dipaliz's Blue Roses: Spill-proof Coaster Bliss

Elevate your home decor with the captivating Dipaliz's Blue Roses Coasters! These stunning, heat-resistant coasters are the perfect solution to protect your surfaces from unsightly water stains and moisture. Crafted with a durable hardboard MDF and cork construction, these coasters are built to withstand the test of time, ensuring your furniture remains pristine. The high-gloss coating adds an extra layer of protection, while the rounded corners bring a touch of elegance to your space. Measuring a convenient 3.74 x 3.74 x 0.16 inches, these coasters are the ideal size to accommodate a wide range of mugs, glasses, and other beverages.


Crafted with heat-resistant materials to protect your surfaces from hot drinks

Waterproof design to prevent moisture and stains on your coffee table or nightstand

Durable hardboard MDF and cork construction for long-lasting use

High-gloss coating for added durability and a stylish finish

Rounded corners for a refined, elegant look

Convenient size of 3.74 x 3.74 x 0.16 inches

Experience the ultimate in spill-proof coaster bliss with Dipaliz's Blue Roses Coasters.

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