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Floral Fury Flex Skirt - Light Floral Pattern Madness!

Floral Fury Flex Skirt - Light Floral Pattern Madness!

Brand : DipaliZ

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Material : 88% polyester, 12% spandex - Leggings

Floral Fury Flex: Unleash Your Stylish Flair!

Embrace the captivating charm of floral elegance with the Floral Fury Flex Skirt! This vibrant mini skirt is crafted with a comfortable blend of 88% polyester and 12% spandex, offering a four-way stretch for ultimate flexibility. The unique design features a slight tapering along the outer thigh, creating a sleek and straightened appearance that will elevate your look effortlessly. With an elastic waistband for a perfect fit, this mid-waist slim skirt is a versatile addition to any wardrobe.


Crafted with a light floral pattern, this skirt exudes a fresh and feminine vibe that will make you stand out. The Dipaliz Flex technology ensures a comfortable and flattering fit, allowing you to move freely and confidently. The elastic waistband provides a customizable fit, while the mid-waist silhouette flatters your figure.

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